Midnight Sun Massive -- Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Ska, Calypso
Midnight Sun Massive at Phoenix Theater in Petaluma
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Crow's Nest Beach Party, 2012 • Santa Cruz, CA

mid·night [midˌnīt] Noun: 1. Twelve o'clock at night. 2. The middle period of the night: "the midnight hours".
sun [sən] Noun: The star around which the earth orbits. The sun is the central body of the solar system. It provides the light and energy that sustains...
mas·sive [masiv] Adjective: 1. Large and heavy or solid. 2. Exceptionally large: "massive crowds are expected".

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Midnight Sun Massive is an all-original Reggae/Calypso band hailing from Northern California's Wine Country. We combine potent Caribbean rhythms with conscious lyrics to move your body and your mind. We are a collection of multi-instrumentalists and song-writers, each drawing from our diverse backgrounds to create a genre-hopping, booty-shaking experience on dancefloors across the Bay Area and beyond.

Add some Caribbean flavor to your life... we guarantee the Sun will shine! Contact us today to book Midnight Sun Massive at your next festival, house party or special event.


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Ben "Loki-One" Flolo, MC/Percussion Brian "Mista Underhill" Skinner, Guitar/Vocals Lee "Ving" Payne, Bassmaster General Milo Karobi, Vocals/Personality André "Jah Elder" Russell, Keyboards/Vocals Victor "Big City" Hall, Keyboards/Vocals James "DJ KuDJo" Marchbanks, Drums/DJ